Sofia – Vitosha boulevard


Vitosha Boulevard is a place for walking, meeting friends, shopping center.


Monument of Aleko Konstantinov overlooks Vitosha!


Aleko Konstantinov is a lawyer, writer and public figure. In 1895 he founded the first tourist society in Bulgaria.

One of the most famous work of Konstantinov’s “To Chicago and Back.” There are impressions transmitted to the author of his trip to America in 1893.

Bai Ganyo is a fictional character of Aleko Konstantinov.

Aleko Konstantinov wrote a series of satirical feuilletons main character Bai Ganyo.

Monument of Ivan Vazov

Ivan Vazov is a Bulgarian writer often called “Patriarch of Bulgarian Literature”.

The alley of the book in Sofia

September 12-17, 2017

Vitosha Boulevard is turned into a large bookstore

In 18 tents, many publishers offer their editions.

Books for both small and large attract the attention of passers-by.




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