Hidden letters

Hidden letters – 12 benches in


The Bulgarian alphabet consists of 30 letters and is the base of the Cyrillic alphabet.

In the spring of 2018, 12 benches were placed, depicting 13 letters of the Bulgarian alphabet, in various tranquil places throughout the capital.

The bench with the letters “И” and “Й” was placed on a bridge over the Perlovska river. On the bench there were copies of poems by Anna Lazarova and Petar Chouhov in Bulgarian and English.

The bench with the letter “Ш” was placed near the playground in the park of the National Palace of Culture. On the bench were placed copies of poems by Marin Bodakov in Bulgarian and English.

The bench with the letter “Я” was placed in the garden behind the SS. Cyril and Methodius National Library. Sylvia Choleva’s poems could be read by sitting in a quiet corner away from the street noise.

The location of the letter “Ч” was before the Central Mineral Bath, turned into an impressive museum of the history of Sofia. Sitting on the bench and lit by the afternoon sun rays, everyone could read verses from Nadezhda Radulova.

The bench with the letter “З” was located in the garden between the Council of Ministers and the Central Department Store. Under the pleasant shade of the trees could be read poems by Mirela Ivanova.

Currently the hidden letters can be seen in front of the National Palace of Culture and in the yard of New Bulgarian University.

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