Favorite places to eating in Sofia


Address: 12 Tsar Ivan Asen II, Sofia

Salateria Fresh food & Cafe

Address: 43 Ignatiev Street, 1142 Center, Sofia

The restaurant offers delicious food and a pleasant atmosphere.

My favorite recipe for almond broccoli cream soup

broccoli – 1 head

water – 1 liter

broth – 2 pieces for chicken


sour cream – 200 ml

almonds – 50 -70 grams




Peel and wash broccoli, place in slightly salted water to boil. Before completely boiling, add the broth and allow the broccoli to cook well.

Remove the pan from the hotplate. With a mixer, beat the broccoli and black pepper to taste.

Return the saucepan to a simmer and add the sour cream to thicken. Fry the chopped almonds in a non-fat teflon pan and add them to the soup.

When serving, add cheese and croton.

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